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How to Prepare Resume Like a Pro

Me & My Team have been building many resume for the past few months and I have learned a lot of valuable information along the way.

I have learned that writing your resume is not easy, and it takes time. But I also have learned that it can help you getting your dream job. 

A well written and formatted resume is essential for your career. Your resume creates your first impression, so make sure it's done with care.

That means choosing the appropriate font, spacing, and layout to make it readable for potential employers. Here are some tips for crafting a resume that works well:

• Keep it Short & Sweet. You don't want your resume to be more than 4 pages long.

•Create a diverse portfolio of work. Include projects that span across different industries and fields.

•Don't use gimmicks like "elevator pitch" or testimonials in your resume, they're not necessary!

• List your information: contact info, education, work history, skills and abilities, previous positions held, and more

• Use action words in your resume: "Managed the Sales Team," "Directed Web Development," "Created a new marketing strategy" etc. 

• Keep it professional: avoid slang words and abbreviations. - Use keywords appropriately: "Sales" for skills, "Sales Manager," "SEO," "Consultant" etc. -Prove that you have the experience to do the job.

•Tailor your resume to the job description: Read the description of the job and try to find the keywords that most closely match your qualifications. This will help you create a resume that will be relevant to the position.

• Start with a story: What is your background? Why are you interested in this position? What are your long-term goals? This will help set the tone for your resume and show the hiring manager that you know what you want.

• Write about a time when you made a significant achievement that shows you have what it takes to do the job. If you don't have an example of this, list some achievements or list your skills or qualifications on your resume so that potential employers can see them.

• Include the skills that are listed in the job description: The skills listed in the job description are likely what the company is looking for, so it's best to include them in your resume as well! 

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