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Answers to common questions about our services

Ques-1. What is the service procedure?


Service Procedure:

  1. Complete the payment.
  2. Email the following information to info@Linkcvright.com:
  • Your current CV
  • LinkedIn profile link
  • Professional photo
  • Any additional information you want us to consider while writing your CV/LinkedIn/Cover Letter or any other services you have opted.
  1. You will receive your updated CV/LinkedIn profile/services by the delivery date specified.
  2. Review the document and highlight any further changes or revisions required.
  3. Once all revisions are complete, you will receive the final CV in an editable file format. (One number of Editable File of any chosen CV shall be shared)

Ques-2. I have paid for the service, what is next?


After you have made payment (Online or Direct Bank/UPI), please send your current CV/Resume, your professional photo, and LinkedIn Profile URL to info@linkcvright.com or linkedinprofilesmanagement@gmail.com.

If you have paid through UPI or Bank Transfer or QR code, please share the payment screenshot as well.

For detailed procedure, refer to Ques-1.

Ques-3. When will my work be delivered? What is the delivery time?


Tentative delivery date is generally mentioned on the service page; however, a firm delivery date shall be communicated to you via email after receiving your order.

The standard delivery time for this service is 7-10 working days. If you require faster delivery, expedited options are available for an additional fee. Please visit our service page for more details.

Optional 3 Days delivery and Next Working day delivery options are available on the product page.

If you need any assistance on the delivery day prior to order, please write an email to info@linkcvright.com or linkedinprofilesmanagement@gmail.com.

Please note that the delivery date is based on the current pending order sequence, so it is likely to be changed. Please consider a 3-day grace period on the delivery date communicated to you.

Ques-4. Is a refund possible?


Yes, a refund shall be allowed in the following conditions only:

  1. You have mistakenly placed an order and intimate us within a day after placing the order.
  2. You have not received any update within 3 days after placing the order.
  3. You may ask for a refund if the first draft has not been shared as per the delivery date communicated plus a 2-day grace period.

No refund shall be allowed in any other condition.

Ques-5. Mode of Communication?


All communication shall be done in writing mode, i.e., WhatsApp chat/webchat/email, and LinkedIn only.

Live Chat is available for any immediate response on www.linkcvright.net, and WhatsApp chat support link - https://wa.me/message/IS2GAY2RJQ3YE1 during working hours as per India Standard Time.

No phone call communication shall be done at any stage of work.

Ques-6. What if my LinkedIn profile gets restricted in the future for any reason?


LinkedIn may put restrictions if they find any violation of their rules. Please be noted that Linkcvright shall not be responsible for any such instances.

Ques-7. What if a different website or another career coach gives my CV a lesser score or has another opinion?


Every website has its own score criteria/standards to evaluate CVs, and the same applies to Resume critiques. They generally show higher scores for CVs made by them only. No claims shall be entertained after the delivery of the CV.

Ques-8 How to check ATS Compatibility? | What Quality checks do Linkcvright ensure a quality CV? :

To ensure your resume is ATS-friendly, Check these steps:

  1. Check Relevant Keywords: Check if your CV has incorporated relevant keywords and phrases in JD or Skills or Key Strengths Section.
  2. Check for Formatting: Formatting of CV must be Simple. Avoid complex formatting elements such as tables, graphics, or special characters. Stick to a clean and straightforward layout.
  3. Save in Compatible Formats: Save your resume in a format that is ATS-friendly. Commonly accepted formats include .docx (Microsoft Word) and .pdf. These formats are easily parsed by applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Additionally, you can test your resume’s compatibility by saving it as a plain-text file. Open the plain-text version and check if the information remains organized and readable. If any major data is missing out, consider adjusting your formatting to improve ATS compatibility. If Text file has intact with 90% data of your CV, consider it is ATS compatible.

Ques-9. Up to how many days after receiving services can I ask for changes if required? What is the Iteration period? What if I want to modify my CV after a few months?


You can request changes to your resume within 7 days of receiving the final delivery. We understand that timely revisions are essential for your satisfaction. However, if you need more time, you can inform us, and we will extend the iteration period to 15 days to accommodate your needs.

Ques-10. What is the Iteration period?

The Iteration period refers to the timeframe during which you can request revisions to your resume after receiving the final version. In our case, the standard Iteration period is 7 days, but it can be extended to 15 days if you communicate your request for an extension.

Ques-11. What if I want to modify my CV after a few months?

If you wish to modify your CV after the initial 7-day or extended 15-day Iteration period, you can do so by placing an ad hoc order for updating the same CV.

We recommend keeping your resume up-to-date to align with any changes in your career, skills, or job preferences. Our team will be happy to assist you with any updates you may need even after the initial service is completed.

Ques-12. What is not included / General exclusion in service?

Below services / exercise are not included in CV / Resume/ LinkedIn makeover or Combo. Client need to provide these files/ information from their end:

  1. Creation of Logo
  2. Creation of email address
  3. Creation of Posts
  4. Creation of Background images / Banners for pages or profiles
  5. Creation / Modification of Photo

For any question which is not mentioned here, please write to info@linkcvright.com.

Escalation of issues:

If you have any queries, please write to:

  1. info@linkcvright.com

If the issue has not been resolved within 2 days, please write to:

2. smriti.gupta4489@gmail.com or Smriti.Gupta@Linkcvright.com

No phone call communication shall be done at any stage of work.

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